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SPD circa 1967

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Congratulations to Roger and Vicky Garcia on the birth of their first grandchild Clara!!! Clara is the daughter of their son Alex Garcia and his wife J'lyn Chapman. Her name is Clara Emilia Garcia.

Clara was born on October 3rd. and is a beautiful healthy little girl!!

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) will resume Yellow Line service on Friday, October 30, with trains operating on a normal weekday schedule. The first Dempster-Skokie-bound train will depart Howard at approximately 4:45 a.m. The first Howard-bound train will depart Dempster-Skokie at approximately 5 a.m.

The CTA will offer free rides from the Dempster-Skokie and Oakton-Skokie stations to Howard from October 30 through November 6. Additionally,the Village of Skokie will provide free parking at the Dempster-Skokie station for the remainder of 2015.

For more information about Yellow Line restoration and for frequently asked questions, please click here.

Village of Skokie
Oakton Street
Skokie, IL 60077


Before there was American Idol....Before America's Got Talent...
Star Search and Soul Train and the Gong Show there was
our very own....Ron Baran....
Click on the link below for a 1989 blast from the past..

Sock Hop With a Cop





Check this out! (via ABC7Chicago local news iOS app) Last day of school at St. Peter's in Skokie http://abc7chicago.com/education/last-day-of-school-at-st-peters-in-skokie/768976/   


Plan your days off and upcoming trips to Chicago and please join us at our monthly lunches!!

2016 Skokie Retirees Lunch Dates

Wednesday, January 20th
Wednesday, February 17th
Wednesday, March 16th
Wednesday, April 20th
Wednesday, May 18th
Wednesday, June 15th
Wednesday, July 20th
Wednesday, August 17th
Wednesday, September 21st
Wednesday, October 19th
Wednesday, November 16th




Lunch June 17th 2015


April 15th 2015 Lunch
Gary Reiter, Jim Dosch, Carole O'Malley, Jerry Axel, standing are The Plug and Honey Bear, Kathy Cherry, Judy Halteman, Memo, Deb Danecki, Jo Marie, Vicky, Joan and Jim Chwalisz, standing are Roger Garcia and former CSO Larry Hanover.




Click below for the article on Skokie Hotel

Man with gun held prostitute in Skokie hotel - Skokie Review

June 23, 1962 - Skokie's Police Force Promised a 'New Look'


Click on link below for video.....The Remembering Eye, Oral history of Skokie, Lincolnwood, Morton Grove, Niles and Golf


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Just plug in your zip code and this link tells you which gas stations have the cheapest prices (and the highest) on gas in your zip code area.  It's updated every evening

Cheapest gas prices in your area



Link to the Village of Skokie Newsletter

This is one of Ron's favorite Terry Proudfit stories...
I had been dispatched to a traffic dispute in the parking lot of Skokie Valley Hospital.. A couple on a motorcycle and the driver of a car were coming near to blows over an incident that happened.  I was trying to get them calmed down to no avail.  Terry arrived as my backup and saw that the verbal altercation may soon become physical.  He grabbed me by the shoulders and planted a big kiss on my cheek.  All of a sudden the people who had been arguing were just standing there with their mouths hanging open in disbelief of what they had just seen. Terry just smiles and told them, "Now that we have your attention, just get on and in your vehicles and get out of here."  Not another word was said and the people just drove off shaking their heads.  Needless to say, I was just as shocked as they were, but if it worked, what the hell.
Ron Baran

In its heydey, the Desiree Restaurant had a cheerful red wraparound sign. However, it has sat vacant for years, defying attempts to revive it. Patch file photo.
In its heydey, the Desiree Restaurant had a cheerful red wraparound sign. However, it has sat vacant for years, defying attempts to revive it. Patch file photo.
Though many Skokie residents have fond memories of the former Desiree Restaurant, its building has sat vacant for years and given a forlorn look to one of the village's most prominent intersections. 

No more. The Skokie village board on Monday okayed a plan to buy the building for $1.175 million, demolish it and interest a developer in building a new development on the site.

Click below for a youtube Skokie video

Hi friends,
I found this while cleaning my shop, I don't know the age but Larry Leganger is on the front and in the roll call photo, Al Kloch was a patrolman.





Thanks to Al Fournier for the great find!!

The National Blue Alert Notification System
Provides the means to speed the apprehension of violent criminals, who kill or seriously injure local, state or federal law enforcement officers, for more information click on the link below.



This picture dates back to 1958, can you identify the cars and owners?




Can you identify these good looking guys from this picture from Camp Logan 1966?
Picture from the collection of Al Fournier
Thanks Al !!


You gotta love it
click here for a funny 911 call

911 Call


How to handle an unwanted solicitor

and click on the link below for....

Retired Guys Drill Team


Sinclair Station Lincoln and Oakton






Mancuso Sign

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