May 17th 2017 lunch welcomed our newest retiree Al Marks!

To all:
Below is the link to an article you will all be interested in.

From Skokie Patch:
The Skokie Village Board on Monday approved a plan to issue up to $187 million in general obligation bonds.

SKOKIE, IL — Village trustees voted to borrow up to $187 million to shore up Skokie's police and fire pension funds and finance a hotel development in its downtown.
The village board Monday voted 6-0, with one abstention, to approve an ordinance allowing the issuance of bonds for both projects.
"First, an amount not to exceed $160 million is required to fund 90 percent of the unfunded portion of the fire and police pension liabilities, as determined by the village's outside actuaries," Corporation Counsel Michael Lorge said Monday ahead of the final vote on the bonds.

For more information go to :

January 18, 2017

pictures from Ron Baran, the concrete boat

This was built on the east bank of the canal between Howard and Touhy.  Started in late '60's..

This was built on the east bank of the canal between Howard and Touhy.  Started in late '60's.

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November, 2016

July 19th lunch group, if you're not in the picture we hope to see you soon!

August 2021 lunch

To all:
First off, my apologies.  Last update was in June.  Intention was to do this every couple of months. Obviously, it did not happen.  So I'm going to pack in six months to one email.
-The Department continues to get even younger.  With Chief Tony Scarpelli retiring in November, 2020, Deputy Chief Brian Baker was selected as our new Chief of Police.
-Commander Jesse Barnes was subsequently promoted to Deputy Chief of Administrative Services.
-Commander Dan O'Brien will be transferring from Patrol to Investigations as Commander.
-Sgt. Denise Franklin was recently promoted to Commander and will be filling the spot vacated by Commander O'Brien.
-There will also be an Officer getting promoted to Sergeant on December 20th.
-Recent retirements include Officer Mario Valenti, Officer Donn Breitenreiter and Officer Tammy Jacobsen.
-We are currently 13 Officers short.  Going to be hiring 3 Chicago PD Officers in the next couple of months.  Still plenty of overtime........
We just recently implemented a "Co-responder" car.  It consists of a Skokie Police Officer and a Social Worker responding to mental health crisis calls.  They're really busy to say the least.
Body cameras are coming.......probably in the next year or so.  The State of Illinois passed a law all police agencies have to have them.   Oh joy.........
Current contract expires April, 2022.  Heading back to the negotiating table after the holidays.
September 3rd was the Retirement Party.  After not having one in 2020.  COVID sucks. 
Honored were Chief Anthony Scarpelli, Commander Rich Wolfer, Sergeant Scott Anderson, Officer Terrance Alexander, Officer Raphael Delorm, Officer Marilyn DelValle, Officer Tom Hanson, Officer Janet Jones and Officer Al Vincic.  Also honored were civilian staff, Chela Huss, Rita Minx and Jan Lieberman.
October 3rd we held the 2nd Annual Jose Leos Golf Outing.  For those of you who have been gone for a while, Jose Leos was a Skokie Police Officer for 15 years.  He passed away in 2019 after battling stage 4 lung cancer.  The decision was made to have this once a year event in his honor.  Officer Shane Long spearheads the effort.
Through some extremely generous donations, we were able to donate $5,200 to the Skokie Police Benevolent Fund, $8,000 to the 100 Club of Illinois and $8,000 to the Lung Cancer Research Foundation.
Special thanks to the other agencies that came out.  Skokie Fire, Lincolnwood PD, Evanston PD, Morton Grove PD, Oak Park PD, Wilmette PD, Deerfield PD and any others that I may have forgotten.
The photo below is Officer To Dang, Officer Joe Vodicka, Officer Yunsoo Shin and Officer Joe George sporting the blue line flag on their golf cart.  They are also sporting some Leos Strong swag.  Couldn't attach more photos.  Damn Google!
If you're interested in any of the swag, shirts, sweatshirts, etc, reach out to Officer Shane Long,
And lastly, yesterday, December 11th, we held our 8th annual Cops with Kids event.  This was a brainchild of Officer Steve Bush and Officer Terrance Alexander (Retired).  Despite the times, we raised over $16,000.00!!  We had 50 6th, 7th and 8th graders come shopping at Walmart.
That's pretty much it.  Again, sorry for the six month hiatus.
Happy Holidays to all!

September 2021 Lunch

Our February lunch group welcomed old friends Fred Bolin and Hank O'Connell

November 2021 Lunch

An invitation is extended to all of our retirees who are in the area, to please stop in at the Station and say hello. You have never been forgotten and your names have been engraved on a plaque which stands in the main hallway of the police station.Your names and stories (many exaggerated) still echo in our hallways.

Chief Tony Scarpelli

SPD Sgt. Ervin Garcia appeared in a full page ad for Northwestern University Center for Public Safety in the June 2018 issue of American Police Beat. 

Pension Board Members

David Pawlak - Active Member

Sergio Marino - Active Member

Terry Shiel - Retiree Member

Dan Ryan- Village Appointed Trustee

Harold Primack - Village Appointed Trustee

Laura Werner - Clerk for Pension Board

April 19, 2017 lunch

Feb 2019 lunch

To our fair weather friends...neither rain or storm or sleet or hail will keep us away;)

2017 March 15 Lunch

Click on the link below for great memories and pictures of old Skokie

Standing from left to right Carl Bock, Jack Knish, Johnny Johnson, Hank O'Connell and Fred Bolin. Seated left to right Kathy Cherry, Mike Maher, Deb Danecki, Jerry Axel and Ron Baran

February 15, 2017, not pictured Johnny Johnson and Gary Reiter

October 2021 Lunch

Click on link to view video on Skokie Police Officer Recruitment Opportunity

Looking forward to seeing you at Johnny's starting again on January 19th 2022.

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