pictures from Ron Baran, the concrete boat

This was built on the east bank of the canal between Howard and Touhy.  Started in late '60's.

February 15, 2017, not pictured Johnny Johnson and Gary Reiter

Standing from left to right Carl Bock, Jack Knish, Johnny Johnson, Hank O'Connell and Fred Bolin. Seated left to right Kathy Cherry, Mike Maher, Deb Danecki, Jerry Axel and Ron Baran

Pension Board Members

David Pawlak - Active Member

Sergio Marino - Active Member

Terry Shiel - Retiree Member

Dan Ryan- Village Appointed Trustee

Harold Primack - Village Appointed Trustee

Laura Werner - Clerk for Pension Board

​2023 ​​Retirees Luncheon's


Sad news to share

Sadly, John Pawelek has passed away

his Funeral will be held Tuesday, March 21st

Information on John's funeral arrangements can be found at:

we hope to see you soon!!​   

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2023 Lunch Dates

March 15

April 19

May 17

June 21

July 19

August 16

September 20

October 18

November 15

Here is a blast from the past.... from Vince Pszczolkowski. Mid to late 1980's... SPD Torch Run for the Special Olympics. He counts at least 6 T. I.U. Members participating. And he's out in front!

Click on the link below for great memories and pictures of old Skokie

July 19th lunch group

July 2022 lunch

Click on the link below for Skokie Patch article on How Dangerous Law Enforcement Jobs are in Illinois.

April 2022 Lunch

2017 March 15 Lunch


The representative for Lauterbach & Amen is now Derek Flessner. He can be reached at

630-821-0165 or at

Kicking off our 2023 Retirees Lunches at Johnny's! Hope to see you there in the coming months! Our next lunch is March 15th

An invitation is extended to all of our retirees who are in the area, to please stop in at the Station and say hello. You have never been forgotten and your names have been engraved on a plaque which stands in the main hallway of the police station.Your names and stories (many exaggerated) still echo in our hallways.

Chief Tony Scarpelli

Picture submitted by Carole O'Malley

Gene and Cherrie Gaiser; Herman Troy Carter; Laura, John and Tawny Hammond; Jack O'Malley;

Donna and Lenny Ramirez; Jack Kielczyski

May 17th 2017 lunch welcomed our newest retiree Al Marks!

January 18, 2017

Feb 2019 lunch

To our fair weather friends...neither rain or storm or sleet or hail will keep us away;)

Historical Badge History

Looking forward to seeing you at Johnny's!!

Mark your calendars and circle the 2023 dates!! 

Keep your calendars open for the third Wednesday of the coming months in 2023!

 Johnny's Tap

1740 Milwaukee Avenue 
Glenview, Illinois 60025 
Phone: (847) 699-9999

                                          12:30 cocktails              1:00 lunch


November, 2016

From left to right.
Officer Giovanni DelaVega, Officer Michael Jaworski,
Officer John O'Dea, Officer Yunsoo Shin, Officer Diane Vazquez

Click on link to view video on Skokie Police Officer Recruitment Opportunity

April 19, 2017 lunch

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